So you want to be a guest speaker eh? Great! We are super excited to have you! Guest speakers play a vital role in helping the LIGHT Initiative to thrive. They also provide our students and community with unique perspectives. Because of this we are so grateful to anyone who applies.

Please fill out the form below if:

  • You have experience as a community leader or enjoy speaking on behalf of your religious, ethnic, or cultural group.

  • You are currently or ever have been an elected official. This can include school board members, council members, members of the House or Senate, etc.

  • You are an advocate or activist for a local non-profit.

  • You are a religious leader or cultural ambassador.

  • You are a human rights worker.

  • You are a US Ambassador or Diplomat.

  • You are a multicultural artist, writer, or musician.

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We hope to be adding more schools in the near future.